Professional Certificate in Aerospace Workshop Operations for Module 2000 Airframe – Fixed Wing

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Course Duration

Period: 78 Training Hours (2 – 3 months)
Time: 7.00pm to 10.00pm
Days: 3 nights per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Course Commencement is subject to the minimum number of participants

Full-Time upon request
Period: 11 Days
Time of Course: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Days of Course: Monday to Friday
Course Commencement is subject to the minimum number of participants


Course Fees for Local and International Students: SGD2,398

Members of SIAE will enjoy 5% discount if payment is made before course commence.
A 1% levy will be imposed every month for late payment.

Examination Fees

The first sitting for this course is included in the course fee. For each subsequent attempt, an exam fee of SGD30 is applicable. For each paper, a maximum of 3 attempt is allowed for each participant.



This is a basic module that train participants as inspectors, CRS and ARC signatories of Aerospace Overhaul/Repair workshops.

Course Title

ATTC conducts engineering courses for the aircraft maintenance personnel.


Industry Need

Practising artisans and mechanics, who wish to upgrade to inspectors and certifying signatories for Overhaul / Repair workshops.

Course Objectives

Participants can be qualified as Workshop Certifying Staff upon graduation from this course.

Course Structure

M1000A Basic Module
M1000B Basic Module

Module 1000 is a common and basic module. It covers the following:
1. Basic Engineering and Aerodynamics
2. Aviation Practices
3. Human Factors and Error Management

Student-Lecturer Ratio

Theory: Lecturer to Students is 1:32.

Learning And Teaching Methods

All classes will be taught by lectures.

Student Assessment

ATTC courses are assessed by written examination.

Admission Requirements

ITE NTC-3 or GCE ‘N’ / ‘O’ Level
Persons without the above qualifications may be admitted on a case by case basis.
The medium of instruction is English.

Attendance Requirements

Students must achieve a minimum of 85% attendance for all individual modules

Graduation Requirements

Upon successful completion and passed all necessary written examinations. Graduates will be awarded the ‘Professional Certificate in Aerospace Workshop Operations’ by Air Transport Training College

Participants who have successfully completed the course within the scope as described in the Certification Privilege Table for both Avionics and Mechanical, after 1 July 2005 will also required to pass CAAS L12 Basic Airworthiness Administration paper before he / she can be qualified as a Workshop Certifying Staff.
(N.B. The credits obtained from this exam are not meant to offset against the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers’ basic exam).

Training Grant

This course is eligible for SkillsConnect Training Grant (Applicable to company sponsored applicants who are Singaporeans or Singapore PR only). For more information, please log on to the SkillsConnect website


The information provided are the most current at the point of publishing and may be subject to changes. ATTC has the right to make changes to course fees, course syllabus, duration and admission requirements without notice.